6 Element Makes a Company Logo

Tips Desain - The logo is an identity that illustrates the company logo, in there are elements that can convey the profile of the company. In making the company's logo is good and right, you have to know several aspects that later you can create a logo easily, and when people see it they will immediately understand that the logo of the company in the field.

Elements in creating a company logo

I think the element in making the logo of the company there are 6 elements, the first element is the name of the company logo, the second element is the tagline of the logo, the third element is the description or depiction of a company, the fourth element is a color used in the logo, the fifth element is the style or attribute, and the sixth is the type field of the company.

Do you know if I just explain it like that, if you are less understood, I will further explain it in details.

  1. For the first element is the name of the company logo, in making the logo you must know the name of the logo that is made, so that later on you will feel easy in search of an idea. If you create a logo without the first element of this, chances are you can't make the logo.
  2. For an explanation of the second element is the slogan of the company logo, slogan or can be called with the tagline is also not less important role in making the company's logo, as it also included the element in getting the idea, many companies that do not have a slogan or tagline, but with the existence of this you will be easier in creating logos.
  3. For the third item is a description or a general overview about the company, a description that also has an important role in creating a company logo, for without this description you would have little difficulty in finding ideas, and of course later you will heavy work because of a lot of revision.
  4. For the fourth item is the colors used in the logo, color is an important part in the making of company logo because the logo color can reflect the company moves on what area, the color blue for example color It is a color often used in the company engaged in technology
  5. For the fifth element is the style or attribute, in making corporate logo style or attribute is also important because the style is a component of an existing course description can describe the company logo that will be created.
  6. And the last Element is the field of the company or the company is moving more details on what field, for example, if you make a logo design in the form of real estate with style attributes that are used by companies engaged in automotive, right does not match what was expected then the sixth element is also important to note.

So that last 6 elements in creating a company logo, if friends want to add other elements, write in the comments field Yes friends, don't forget to share this post to your social media friends if this article was very helpful, and write an email in the field below to subscribe to get updates of the latest articles from Design Tips. See you on the next article friends.

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