Graphic Design Software That Designers Use in 2019

Graphic design software That Designers Use in 2019
Tips Desain - The year 2019 is the year that has just begun, perhaps the discussion this time will be a little late. But better late than not at all correct, right? many have asked what graphic design software that must be used for the designer, because in the year 2019 this designer will more often use the software-this software.

Graphic design is a job which has responsibility for delivering a message through the picture. Like a husband with wife, software is also a wife for a designer to have his career. 

Here are some graphic design software that designers use to navigate through the year 2019.
  1. Adobe Photoshop software, the first one is Adobe Photoshop, yes we ga need to get acquainted again yes, most of us already know software with this one. If we're talking about photo editing software, then this one is a winner. With Photoshop we can easily remove the image and add it. Adobe Photoshop is the software that can be used on both Windows and Mac operating systems because it is then this software is widely used by many designers.
  2. GIMP, GIMP is the second software or the length of the GNU Image Manipulation Program, this application is to be one of the flagship applications for graphic designers and photographers. Photo editing and manipulation features in these applications is also a very powerful tool. Many of these applications to run on Windows-based operating systems and Mac became one of the reasons is also widely used by many designers. 
  3. Adobe Illustrator software, the third is a Illustrator, if you guys want to create vector-based graphic design as logos, typografi, icon, even vector illustrations then Adobe Illustrator is the answer. This application can be used to make a vector which is very smooth, so many designers who use these applications.
  4. Inkscape,the fourth is the software Inkscape, if anyone asks for alternative applications other than Adobe Illustrator. Then this app is the answer, the application of specialized applications of vector-based graphic design and use the format of the form. SVG this application can be used in a variety of operating systems, including Windows and Mac. So it is widely used by designers in making graphic design.
  5. Corel Draw. the fifth is the software Corel Draw, this application is the pengeloa vector-based graphic design, this application is an application that has many users for a designer. Applications have become the standard applications for various purposes in various design work for the company. The operating system it runs on Windows and Mac operating systems.
  6. Gravit designers, software designers, Gravit is sixth this application is one of the alternatives for a designer in making a graphic design, vector-based application that matches is used to create a design in the form of user interface, icon , presentations, illustrations, or printing. This application free tablets, and can run on many operating systems. Operating systems windows, mac, linux, chrome, and the browser can run using this application.
  7. Sketch App, software is the seventh Sketch, if we talk about user interface design, then this software is the application of the recommendation to create a design-based user interface. Because this application made specifically for the design of the user interface. Unfortunately this application can only be run on Mac operating systems only.
  8. Adobe Xd, the eighth is the software Adobe Xd softaware, this one is a graphic design application berbasi vector and is used for the purposes of designing a user interface design berbasi design. Prorotype features also provided by this application so many designers who use these applications, because this application can run on Windows and Mac operating systems.
So some software design that can be used to create the graphic design, so the conclusion is, use a convenient graphic design software, according to friends. If your friends have the recommendation of application in addition to the applications that I have mentioned above, please write below.

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